Automation is the apple of ours eye. We automate all we can. It is one of the main reasons why we managed to achieve such results despite the small team and without external investors

In this section, I will focus on the automation of marketing and sales processes, commonly known as marketing automation.

This issue seems to be complicated. I write "seems to be" because (just like programming) it is not. This apparent complication results from the fact that specialists dealing with the issue of automation, do what they can to make it look like difficult and requiring expert knowledge (to whom, of course, you have to pay dearly).

With one point I can agree - in order to comprehend potential of automation and fully understand, it's best to work on examples and put them into practice straightaway.

Therefore I have divided this section into two parts:

In the first part I will guide you through short and easy tutorial when you can easily implement simply automation mechanisms on our example site , thanks to which understand better its basic concept.

In the second part I will describe in detail the advanced automation that we implemented on our website.

In this tutorial you will find some technical issues and have to touch the code. Yes I know, it sound scary - but it is not! All you need to do is repeat operation described by me (they are also shown as a training video) and you easily go through the whole path.

You do not have to analyze all the technical details. It is enough that you understand them at the conceptional level - what they are used for and how to use them.

I always stress such approach in the case non-technical people I have had opportunity to work with.

Almost always laments appear.

- “O my God, this is code! I am a marketer / salesman / businessman and I don't want anything to do with this devilish thing. Get lost” - my interlocutor screams making the sign of the cross with one hand and waving the garlic with other.

Why I insist on this? Because:

  • When you start getting to know new issues from the technical point, the understanding of this become much more comprehensive, you will get to know their full capabilities and be able to use their potential much better.
  • When you find these things to be not so difficult, stop being afraid of technical issues and maybe (what happens very often) will love it, and begin to develop in this direction.
  • During the conversation with a technical person, you won't let anybody to sell you a bill of goods so easily.
  • This is exciting. Without any exaggeration - programming, automation, analytics and broadly defined technical issues are great fun. I would do this even in my free time - If I had free time :(

Ready? Take a deep breath and click the bottom below to start the adventure called “Creating an automated web application”.

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