After product stabilization, getting first users and clients, it was time to do what was our area of expertise - marketing.

Every time I say that in MDB we have no sales department, people think I'm joking.

"Half a million users, among your customers are giants such as: Amazon, Samsung, or NASA and you tell me that you have no direct sales activities? If you don't want to talk, it's OK but don't sell me a bill of goods. Now you tell me that those all firms came to you without any exchange of e-mails or phone calls, just like that”.

“Hmm...How can I put it…”

Once I manage to convince my interlocutor that I am serious, then another problem arises.

“Fine, let's say I believe you. Well, suppose that in your case effective marketing is the key to success. How much does it cost? We all know that marketing is a bottomless money pit. I assume that without the sales department you have to spent the lion's share of your budget on marketing activities. How much??”

“Can I offer something to drink, first?”

“Tell me how much!”

“For the first year we did not spend a singly zloty on marketing. Now it ranges from 1 do 5% of company's turnover. However, there are such months that we spend nothing.”

“Pour me this vodka”

This section in entirely devoted to marketing. It is also the most essential and the most comprehensive chapter of our story.

In my opinion, the scale of difficulties in creating a new company is formed by the following elements:

  • Finding an idea - difficult
  • Creating a product - very difficult
  • Running a marketing that will sell this product - extremely difficult

At the beginning let's define a very important thing.

In the MDB case, marketing has never been about creating the most effective ads, coming up with catchy headlines or using subliminal tricks. In fact, advertising (Facebook, Adwords or other PPC) is the smaller part of our activities.

For me personally, marketing is a tedious, long-lasting work at the very basis and their goals are:

  • Help the user to find the right information
  • Providing this information in due time - means exactly when the user need it
  • After providing the information - ensuring as well as possible experience in interaction between the user and our website and our product

For our company these goals are best realized by the following activities:

  • SEO
  • High quality technical and educational content, supported by the system of related content and dynamic content
  • Automated marketing based on behavior analysis
  • Meticulous and deep analyst
  • Re-marketing supported by tools such as Web Push and marketing automation
  • Top quality Internet infrastructure - from the website to user interface in individual modules and back-end technologies that keep the whole system alive

Whether the same mechanism will be also effective in your company? I do not know.

I am not going to advise you. I will tell you our story without omitting any details, and you will have to select valuable thing for you. After all, you are the most competent person in the world to decide about your business.

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