Our products

In brief, we create and sell software.

Our range of products is wide. I do not want to bore you, so below present a shortened list of our products.

MDB - Material Design for Bootstrap

Our most popular project.

This is a fronted framework, a set of tools / elements / functionalities used to build websites and web applications.

If you are not a programmer, you can imagine this as building blocks. Instead of writing a program from scratch, a programmer can build its basic structure using already prepared and matching modules, that is our "building blocks".

Currently, this is the world's most popular (in terms of the number of users) tool of this type in its technological niche.

We provide this in four main technologies: Angular, React, Vue and jQuery (as the Bootstrap default version).

MDB is offered in freemium model, which means that the basic version is free of charge. For the extended version you have to pay.

The license price ranges from $49 to $1899.

We offer one-time payments, but subscription for technical support has to be renewed yearly. Its cost is 60% of the license price.

BrandFlow - sales & marketing software.

It is a tool used to automate the marketing processes and conduct behavior analysis of users.

It enables creating algorithms, thanks to which the website learns about the user and adjusts its own content to the user's needs.

It combines functions of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

Its main functionalities are:

- Automation of marketing and sales processes

- Web Push Notifications

- Analytics software connected to tag manager

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Co-founder of MDBootstrap and BrandFlow. Entrepreneur, web developer, UI / UX designer, marketer. Dancer and nerd at the same time.

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