Why did we write this case study?

by: Michal Szymanski

1. It is my personal need

I love writing and like to be useful.

Since my studies I have written hundreds of articles, dozens of guides and tutorials. The spectrum of my activities has been broad - from productivity to software and marketing courses. I have also written several mini novels.

When I see some material for a good story, can not stop myself and have to commit it to paper. The history of MDB is just such a material. Undoubtedly it is a intriguing story, but its most essential feature is utilitarianism. I believe that its practical massage can be useful for others. And that thought makes me happy.

2. We would like to leave the cave finally

For years of building the company we have been cut off from the outside world, focusing completely on creating our business. This attitude has paid off, it is true. However, we have come to the point where we need to interact with people who have similar stories and aspirations. We want to share our knowledge with people and learning from others.

We hope that this study will be like a sown seed which yields a lot of beautiful experiences and relations.

3. I believe in the law of Karma

I believe that what I do now will come back to me in the future, one way or another. Every consequence has a reason. So I hope that this study becomes a positive reason for positive consequences.

4. We would like to fight for quality

On the startup stage are many successful stories and many people willing to share theirs experiences. But they focus on motivation issues, describe only general concept or loose themselves in non relevant details.

In my opinion, there is no academic materials that completely and thoroughly analysis a specific topic. There is no studies that provide solutions to very specific business problems and at the same time allow to see these issues in a wider perspective, that is in a long-term strategy of the company and its history.

I hope that our study contributes to creating a forum to knowledge exchange representing a new quality on the startup stage.

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