Why MDBootstrap has been successful?

by: Michal Szymanski

“How did you achieve success?”

“What is the most important thing in business?”

“If you were to advise the aspiring entrepreneurs, what would you tell them?”

When I hear one of these questions, feel a shiver down my spine. I really would like to respond briefly but I can not. Then I compare the company to the plane.

Think - what is the most important thing about the plane? What makes the plane fly not crash? What is the secret of the plane's "success"?

Can you name one thing?

Is it an engine or maybe wings? Is it the aerodynamic shape of the machine? Pilot skills? Maybe external factors such as the law of gravity, aerodynamic lift, proper air destiny?

Of course, all of these things are needed and hundreds of others. Together they have to create a well-oiled system that allows the machine to take off.

We are not able to distinguish one thing responsible for this "success" of the plane. To make it fly, all these elements are essential.

The same rule applies in business. The company's success depends on hundreds of factors, smaller and biggest ones. If someone says:

“The most important in business is [...]” and finishes its statement in few word, in my opinion, it is far-reaching abuse. If sky's the limit, the company needs much more than an answers told in few words.

On the basis of a short, superficial description it is impossible to build a airplane that rises to the sky. It is the same with business.

That's why my answer to the question "How did you achieve success?" is an extensive case study consisting of dozens of articles and hundreds described substantial aspects that impact what our company has achieved.

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