How did we find a business idea - part 2

by: Michal Szymanski

We have one fundamental principle that is a guide for our creation of business ideas:

The idea has to result from our own needs.

For the origin idea (or the mentioned before idea M) I can consider the idea of combining two projects into a single product - Twitter Bootstrap framework with Google Material Design.

This concept is the fusion of two technologies, obviously did not appear out of the blue.

The background of those events was as follows:

At the time we ran the marketing agency and offered digital services. We could not complain about lack of customers, but we were plague by the scourge of non-scalability of a service-based company. W We dreamed about a product that we could advertise and sell on our company blog.

We decided to create our own website templates. A tool that supposed to help us to achieve that goals was Bootstrap - then already considered as the number 1 on Github (the world's largest developer portal).

We achieved this goal quickly. Within 3 weeks we created products and the first sale appeared a moment later.

At the time Dawid and me worked remotely, he from Amsterdam and me from my native Strzelcew

Everything went according to plan until I looked at data about search phrase connected with Bootstrap on Google, just out of sheer curiosity.

Then I saw Eldorado.

It was a real legion of key words - from giant phrases generating hundreds of searches monthly to thousands of small queries from the long tail.

This wonderful SEO landscape was covered with countless, technical problems that Bootstrap users face.

Problems that no one has ever addressed. Real Terra Incognita waiting for its conquistador. I looked at statistics and was enchanted with this.

All I had to do was convince Dawid that we should leave our contemporary business and completely devote to Bootstrap. He did not accept this plan smoothly, especially when turned out that more and more clients ask for our service. After a heated discussion I managed to convinced him. We solved all contracts, stopped providing services and focused on Bootstrap. We could not pass that chance up. My plan was to create a portal that would be a collection of independent solutions related to Bootstrap technology.

But Dawid had a different concept - he suggested creating framework. I was much more ambitious and equally much more difficult project (both from the technologically and marketing point of view).

After initial doubts I was keen on his vision, and thus to our idea M joined the idea D.

We spent whole week on coding the new project before another unexpected element appeared on our way.

Our common friend (greetings to Maurycy) sent us as a curiosity a link to the project called Materialize. I assume that Maurycy still does not realize that sending this message he turned our whole concept upside down.

If you are reading this Maurycy, you know that we are very grateful to you. Nevertheless,that day I cursed you. Our whole code finished up in rubbish bin:(

Materialize was then a small, competitive to Bootstrap project. From the Twitter giant it was primarily distinguished by using of Google Material Design.

I have to admit that guys from Materialize really knew their stuff. Their implementation of Material Design was impressive. But they lack many features that Bootstrap offered.

Hmm, two exciting technologies and each has something what would be useful in the other.

And if so ...and if so….

...and in this how the idea B joined to our idea M+D.

MDB begun to exist - the idea for combination of Twitter Bootstrap and Google Material Design.

“Genius” - I hear if often now. Then I shake my head sceptically and answer: this "genius" idea would collapsed like all previous ones if it were not supported by further ideas.

Especially that we were not first that combined Bootstrap with Material Design.

MDB was just a good idea that initiated creation of ideas much better than himself.

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Your good knowledge and kindness in playing with all the pieces were very useful. I don’t know what I would have done if I had not encountered such a step like this. online technical club.
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