How we created our MVP

*MVP (Minimum viable product) - basic (minimal) version of the product ready to release on the market

We have an idea and basic means.

The easier part is behind us. It's time to raise our game and built a product.

Dawid took leave at work and I hung up all my other duties. We had 3 weeks for building the MVP.

We did not expected how a great stigma the next 21 days left on us. This period became an archetype of our working style... and turned us into extreme nerds.

In short - we understood that when we start working on the new project, we have to:

  • Absolutely cut off from external stimuli
  • Limit contacts with people to a minimum
  • Minimize contacts with family and then beg them for forgiveness
  • Give up social life
  • Focus on one goal without getting distracted by side projects / ideas

The only things that I definitely recommend not to give up, are sleep, training and healthy eating. Neglecting these elements always resulted in gradual decrease of our capability.

Let's be honest, startup events, networking and conferences are the last things we needed at the stage of project building.

We began our marathon - coding 7 days a week, from 6.30 AM to 12 PM. I remembered my feeling at the time:

  • The mind working all the time at a full capacity, in maximum concentration
  • Capability that I have not experienced before
  • Feeling that I am working on the most perfect thing I have ever created
  • Moments of ecstatic creativity

While our marathon, the house of my parents was used as our office, in my home village Strzelcew

Yes, it was a wonderful time that stamped on my memory and my mindedness.

We did not make it. Despite this great mixture of experienced feelings, we did not meet the deadline. Dawid had to back to Amsterdam and to corporate job, working after hours for MDB. I stayed in Poland and refined the project.

We needed 3 more weeks to finish the planned activities.

Only after 6 weeks the first version of MDB was ready to greet the world. And let's be honest - was awful. To this day I blush with shame when I think about the some components of code we written. Nevertheless, it worked.

At least that seemed to us...

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