Where did we get the funds to start a business

by: Michal Szymanski

To start work on the MVP / beta 3 basic measures are needed:

  • Money
  • Skills
  • Times


The rule is simple - the less money you have, the more other resources you need.

I wanted to write that we did not money, but it is no the whole truth.

We have no investors, loans, subsidies or support from a rich uncle - that is a fact.

We have relatively stable incomes and savings from previous projects and full-time job. These funds allow us to buy some time - more specifically a few weeks of freely work on the product.

Such approach requires maximum concentration because time ends quickly and you have to back to normal work. Hence our philosophy of extreme cut-off from the entire outside world while working on the project.


People often say:

“It was easier for you because you were programmers”.

No, we were not. I was a marketing specialist, Dawid was an IT consultant. Neither of us was a programmer. However, we thought that these skills are necessary for us so we learned them.

Within a few weeks. From the Internet of course.

Dawid has already dealt with programming but in a completely different field. For me it was a complete novelty. For MDB we both had to learn frontend technologies from scratch, at level that allowed us to create the product for other programmers.

Programming is not a magic, available for chosen ones. You do not need to study or expensive courses. It is enough to use the most impressive idea realized by man - a global network.

I believe that there is not such thing that can not be learned on-line. I am not saying it is easy in case of programming, on the contrary - it is hard work. Nevertheless, it is workable for every one who is determined enough.

We were determined. These were several months learning marathons, a dozens of hours a day, 7 days a week, complemented by working on a live project and providing technical support for other programmers.

I dare say that at that time there were no educational materials concerning Bootstrap and JavaScript that we would not have studied. There were no web developer community in which we would not have taken part and Bootstrap technical thread which we would not have monitored.

It was extremely exhausted and also maximally developing time. The effect exceeded the expectations of even the most skeptical programmers.

My night coding. Sleepless nights in front of the computer have became normal for us. There were months when we spent more nights in the office than in our own apartments.


I wrote about it earlier - if is not enough money, time is the most valuable resource. Of course there is never enough time, sometimes we need it much more than cash.

In such situation there is nothing else to do but extreme optimization. This meant for us breaking many friendships, serious undermining family ties, giving up our interests and literally freezing personal life.

There is a high price to pay, therefore I would not recommend to anybody such solution with a clear conscious. The chance of success is small. However, some things are inevitable, like general dislike mixed with a great deal of disappointment, sadness and quite a lot of hatred.

But if I went back in time, I would have made an identical decision. I just know that is my path.

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