80% of the traffic on our website is generated from search engines. For comparison, social media is only 2.6%.

When it comes to getting traffic, Google Search Engine Optimization is absolutely essential element of our marketing.

However, let's begin with defining what SEO means for me. Probably this definition is not what you have expected.

SEO is a time-consuming, monotonous and long-lasting process aimed at improving User Experience, that is increasing of user satisfaction experiencing our website / application.

This process consists of a huge amount of small, daily activities performed for a long time.

Personally I really like the idea that Search Engine Optimization evolved into User Experience Optimization.

This is a right way and everybody will benefit from it - both users and content publishers as well.

Now a little more specific - in our marketing by SEO we mean the following actions:

  • Study and searching for new keywords
  • Building and developing long-term keyword strategy
  • Creating contents that will meet the needs of user, with the high-quality products that are better than competitive offers
  • Continual website optimization
  • Implementation of the appropriate UI for a given content and its continuous improvement
  • Continuous improvement of UX (from website efficiency to automation mechanisms and attractive design)
  • Improvement of issues related to website efficiency and technologies responsible for it
  • Creating and implementation of strategies of getting links (that is so-called link building)

In fact, each of the mentioned elements has to be constantly improved and adapted to the rapidly changing context. The Internet is extremely dynamic environment and here nothing is fixed forever.

During many conversations I noticed that people often ask the same questions. I present them with the answers, as a FAQ.

1. Do you hire an external company / specialists to SEO?

No, we do not.

We have always done it ourselves and we will not change that. SEO is my original specialization. I am not going to abandon this field for a long time yet.

2. Can you do it yourself without being a SEO expert?

Yes, you can.

A long time ago, SEO stopped being Black Hat's secret understandable only for a few.

3. What exactly should be done to generate traffic from search engines?

I can only say what we did. The story is complex and is written in details in the following articles.

4. Can your case be used as an ideal SEO strategy for everyone?


Every website has its own SEO context and our case can be completely different from yours.

You will find many useful information here, I have no doubts of that, but you must be reasonable about this. It is out story and our business - yours can be entirely different.

5. How long did you wait for the first effects of your SEO activities?

We waited 5 month for the first significant growth of traffic generated from search engines.

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