Our keyword strategy - part 1

Our keyword strategy is based on phrases related to Bootstrap.

Bootstrap is the most popular front-end framework - it is a set of tools used to build responsive websites and web applications. A huge part of the Internet is based on Bootstrap (including most of the WordPress websites, which account for over one quarter of all websites).

Bootstrap-related phrases generate massive network traffic. There are large, general phrases and many small, specific technical queries.

Example (data from Keywords everywhere):

  • “Bootstrap” - 1 830 000 searches per month
  • “Bootstrap tables” - 135 000 searches per month
  • “Bootstrap tables responsive” - 22 000 searches per month
  • “Bootstrap tables responsive template” - 70 searches per month

One might expect that with the gradation, the difficulty of positioning the given phrases drops. However, it is more complicated because the first three phrases are really branding phrases.

It means that they were created and bricked up by Bootstrap, that's why in the Internet we find an official website of documentation for “Bootstrap tables” and “Bootstrap tables responsive”.

Fighting for these phrases is a really tough battle. It a bit like trying to position itself on the phrase “Ryanair Poland”. It is also branding phrase, which means that further questions appear:

- Why would anyone want to visit a non-official airline website?

Everyone, of course, visits only these official ones.

We did not give up fighting for these phrases but we realised that it would take years and require a huge effort. We put them in our strategy as long-term goals, temporarily focusing all effort on long-tail words. And fortunately, Bootstrap did not lack it.


“Bootstrap tables responsive template” generates a minimum number of monthly searches (70 per month), However, similar phrases (derived from word “Bootstrap tables responsive” ) are dozens.

Let's add that all other Bootstrap branding phrases (several hundred) drag long tails. There are small pieces, that put together give a volume capable of bringing measurable business benefit.

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