Creating notification

Step 1 - creating the notification

1. Go to and click button

2. Fill up the form with the following data:

Notification title : Hi! I'm a web push notification

Icon Url :

Message : Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur, adipisicing elit.

Website URL : (of course you can place here any URL)

3. Click button. Your notification will be saved as a draft, so you can come back to it later if you don't want to send it right now.

Step 2 - sending the notification

1. From the "Choose segment" select, choose All option

2. In the select Target choose option All devices

3. Click on the button to see the live preview of the notification. It will be visible only for you.

4. If everything is fine click on the button. All the subscribed users will receive your notifications immediately.

Important disclaimers

  1. Push notifications on Iphone devices can be displayed only by applications so web push doesn't work in this case.
  2. Web push Notification are supported by Chrome 50+ versions (every OS), Firefox 44+ versions(every OS), Opera (every OS) and will be supported by Edge in the nearest future.
  3. Safari browser supports Web Push on Mac OS but not for all browser versions.
  4. Different browsers display notifications differently (sometimes with rounded corners or text limit). We cannot influence final Web Push appearence.

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