The Ugly Story

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  • Is there still place for ugly stories in the sugary start-up world? Yes, this is one of these stories.


This guide is created in order to help founders and young enterpreneurs orient themselves in the confusing world of Startups. Contents are updated periodically and the end goal is to provide a deep analysis of the most essential fields of starting, scaling and running a company including study of SEO, Marketing Strategy, Management and other crucial sectors.

Methodology and sources

All conclusions and recommendations are based on transparent data aquired in our company. All external tools used in specific strategies are called out. The object of the Case Study is MDB, young Polish startup leading in the front-end industry, developing world's most popular framework - Material Design for Bootstrap, used by 800 000+ individual developers worldwide and companies like Sony, Amazon, Samsung, and NASA.

Getting started

We strongly advise getting acquainted with "Anatomy of our company" before reading any of the other sections, in order to understand the context and specific concepts included later in the guide.

We made sure that the entirety of the analysis is written in user-friendly language and constructed in an interesting narrative. Have a good read!

Case object credentials

Prominent MDB customers:

MDB in rankings:

University of Warsaw
1st place in Poland
Startup Ranking
2nd place in Poland
296th place in the world
Similar Web
29,828th website in the world
751th in "Software" category
Alexa (by Amazon)
10,570th website in the world

Table of contents

Here you can check out individual sections of our study.

Section VIII - UI, UX, Web Design

Publications - coming soon.

Section X - Email marketing

Publications - coming soon.

Section XI - Social media

Publication - coming soon.

Section XII - Retargeting PPC

Publication - coming soon.

Section XIV - Technology

Publications - coming soon.

Section XV - Business

Publications - coming soon.

Section XVI - Team

Publications - coming soon.